Hit-and-run driver caught on camera in Joo Chiat: 'Hope he can come forward to pay for damage'

Submitted by Stomper Anonymous

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He must have known.

A Mazda driver was caught on camera apparently hitting a parked car as he was parking his own car at Stangee Close in Joo Chiat.

He later drove off without leaving a note.

Stomper Anonymous, who owned the car that was hit, shared dash cam footage of the incident, which shows a woman wearing a white cap was in the Mazda as well.

"This couple parked along Stangee behind my car on May 9 between 3.30pm and 5pm," recounted the Stomper.

"While parking he shifted forward the car and his car collided with the rear of my car.

"Both the driver and passenger came down to check on the condition of the rear of their car after parking and went off to run their errand.

"The driver looked at the rear of my car when he walked past. His female passenger also stood behind my car and took a look at the rear of my car.

"Forty minutes later, they walked back using the other side of the pavement to pick up the car."

The video shows them getting into the Mazda and driving off.

The Stomper added: "I am not sure, but maybe they were unaware of what to do in such an incident.

"If any of their family members or member of the public see him, can let him know to report the accident to the police and insurance company as it is a crime to hit and run.

"I hope he can come forward to pay for the damage."

The Stomper shared a photo showing the damage to the rear bumper of her car.