Woman parks car at Northpoint City carpark, finds it damaged less than 2 hours later

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She was gone for less than two hours.

But when Stomper Jacinta returned to her car, she was shocked to find it badly scratched.

Jacinta said she had gone to Northpoint City in Yishun for lunch at around 11.05am on Monday (Feb 6) and parked her car at the North Wing Basement 3 carpark (parking lot 12).

The Stomper recounted: "I checked my car before I went into the mall and everything was fine. I came back to my car at about 12.55pm and there was this huge scratch on the front bumper on the driver's side."

Jacinta made a police report on the same day.

She told Stomp that repairs will cost $160, adding: "I am angry that the person responsible didn't even leave a note! And in shock that this could have happened at a carpark."

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