Hikers climb over barricade to take photos on Pulau Ubin cliff despite warning sign

Submitted by Stomper T

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Are photos for the 'Gram more important than safety?

Stomper T was concerned to see a group of hikers standing on the edge of a rocky cliff in Pulau Ubin on Saturday (Aug 19), at around 9.30am.

The hikers had gone over a barricade with a 'no climbing' sign and can be seen posing for photos at a precarious height.

T said: "The hikers are enjoying themselves but ignoring safety signs that are there for our safety.

"This comes after the body of a 22-year-old national serviceman was found floating in the lake at Kekek Quarry in April 2023.

"While visitors wish to take memorable pictures of their visit, they shouldn't risk their lives in the process. Children go to Pulau Ubin too and this is not a good example."