Help man to find lost wallet so that he can continue fulfiling promise of 17 years to late father-in-law

Submitted by Stomper Joy

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Stomper Joy is appealing for help in locating a wallet that her father lost, as it contains a driving licence that holds special sentimental value for the family.

The black wallet was lost en route from Block 87 Circuit Road to Block 54 Pipit Road on Saturday (Oct 10), sometime between 2.20pm and 3.30pm.

It contains cash, a cheque, bank cards, a driving licence belonging to the Stomper's father, his Merdeka card, medical card and Kopitiam card amongst other cards.

However, the item that holds the most value in the wallet is a driving licence belonging to Joy's grandfather, Leong Mun Teck, who is now deceased.

Joy said: "My dad lost his wallet, which carries a very precious and memorable item - my deceased grandfather's driving license.

"My dad had accompanied my grandfather to wherever he wanted to go when he was alive. Now that he has passed on, my dad has always kept my grandfather's driving license in his wallet and brought it along with him wherever he goes - be it downstairs, the market, or on overseas holiday trips.

"My dad has kept his promise for the past 17 years but is devastated at being unable to continue doing so after losing his wallet.

"He was terribly upset and has been reprimanding himself about how he did not take good care of my grandfather and now grandfather has decided to leave him.

"When he told me, I couldn't control my tears and broke down and cried together with him.

"The driving licence represents the strong bond between my dad and my deceased grandfather, their love, a lifelong promise to my grandfather and the only piece of memory that my dad has left of him.

"I really hope some kind souls happen to pick up my dad's wallet and can return it. The most important thing that he dearly misses is my grandfather's driving license. We will be grateful to get it back."

If you have found the wallet or have any info about it, kindly contact Stomp at or WhatsApp 9384 3761.