Woman looking for diamond ring lost in Yishun: 'It's the only keepsake I have of my late mum'

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A woman is looking for a diamond ring that belonged to her late mother and which got lost in Yishun last week.

Stomper Grieving Daughter said the ring was lost somewhere along this route: Yishun Street 22 - Sheng Siong supermarket at Junction Nine - home at Yishun Ring Road.

The ring was lost last week, though the Stomper is unable to recall the exact date and time.

Grieving Daughter: "I had just sent it for repairs at a goldsmith at Block 292 Yishun Street 22 and it might have dropped out of my bag when I took out my wallet.

"It was in a small plastic bag. I don't have a picture of the ring but the diamonds were arranged in a way that looks like the shape of Singapore.

"It is a very old ring and worth $500 -$600.

"I've been going through the same route, asking shops, coffee shops, and even Junction Nine's security office if anyone has found and returned it.

"To be honest, I'm devastated because that is the only keepsake I have left of my late mum.

"I know there's a very slim chance of anyone returning it but I hope you can help me."

If you have found the ring or have any info about it, kindly contact Stomp at stomp@stomp.com.sg or WhatsApp 9384 3761.

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