Hawker offers lifetime supply of char kway teow to cabby whom he shamed in live-stream video

A hawker who shamed a taxi driver on a live-stream video after the latter allegedly took the wrong route has offered a lifetime supply of free char kway teow for the humiliated cabby.

In the video posted on Dec 3, the owner of the famous stall, ‘Liang Ji Kway Teow King’, Mr Dominic Neo, called the taxi driver an ‘old timer’ and told him he shouldn’t drive a cab if he didn’t know the roads.

This reportedly happened after the taxi driver asked him for a preferred route to his destination.

Since the incident, Mr Neo has been under criticism from many netizens.

In response, the hawker posted several apologies on his Facebook page, claiming that he was remorseful for his actions, and had been lectured by a friend. 

He added that to show his sincerity, he would offer a free plate of char kway teow to the first 100 taxi drivers who visit his stall.

As for the driver whom he embarrassed, Mr Neo said that he hopes to meet him in person and offer an apology

The driver would also be entitled to a ‘lifetime supply of char kway teow’. 

Mr Neo reiterated:

“For the taxi driver whom I mistreated, other than apologising and returning him the taxi fees, no matter when he comes, he will be able to eat for free at my stall.”

When Mr Neo spoke to Shin Min Daily News on Tuesday (Nov 5), he admitted that he should not have vented his frustrations on the driver. 

Mr Neo revealed that he had been facing tremendous stress, and plans to provide hampers to over 100 needy families for the coming Christmas had run into some problems. 

He professed that he had drunk too much beer, and apologises for his outburst. 

Mr Neo said that he would reflect on his actions and respect his elders in future:

“Everyone makes mistakes.

“After the incident, I felt bad too.

“I hope everyone will be more magnanimous and forgive me.”