Hawker apologises for live-streaming taxi ride, shaming driver who allegedly took the wrong route

A hawker has apologised after humiliating a taxi driver on a live-stream video when the latter allegedly took the wrong route. 

In the video posted on Dec 3, the hawker, Mr Dominic Neo, called the cabbie an ‘old timer' in Hokkien and said that he should not drive a taxi if he did not know the roads. 

Mr Neo also questioned how taxi operator ComfortDelGro hire their drivers and went on a tirade despite the taxi driver keeping quiet. 

His actions infuriated many netizens, many of whom criticised him. 

Mr Neo told Shin Min Daily News that even his own friends were sharing the video: "I asked them not to spread the video anymore, but they wouldn’t listen to me. This incident has led me to realise how scary the media can be."

According to Mr Neo, the taxi driver professed that he was unfamiliar with the route and dropped him off by the side of the road without accepting payment. 

In response to the deluge of negative remarks, the owner of the famous stall, ‘Liang Ji Kway Teow King’ said that he was truly apologetic over his actions: “To (the) taxi uncle, it is regretful for me to have scolded you.

"A friend (has) scolded me very fiercely and I realised it was my fault, and I am very remorseful about it. 

"I am making a sincere apology for my action to the taxi uncle. I hope I would be able to meet him personally to say sorry too.

"I will continue to reflect on myself and I promise to treat the elderly with respect in the future."

Mr Neo admitted that he had drunk 'a few beers' on the day of the incident, attributing his behaviour to stress. 

He added that he intended to show his sincerity by offering a free meal to the first 100 taxi drivers who visit his stall. 

Despite his apology, some netizens still expressed doubt over his sincerity.

Said one Facebook user: "Bloody idiot, say so much just to save your business. Prepare to close down and drive taxi yourself… ass.”

Other drew parallels between Mr Neo's story and that of Mr Gary Lim, the owner of a chicken rice business who mocked a taxi driver. 

However, some appeared to have softened their stance. 

Another user commented: "I think we must give him a second chance lah. Let bygones be bygones, and let him keep his livelihood.

"This is a very good lesson for him and please remember, if you cannot hold your liquor well, please don’t drink so much."