Grown woman sits on luggage trolley and takes selfie while being pushed around at Changi Airport

Submitted by Stomper Lim

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A luggage trolley is not a toy.

And the women are not children.

Yet, a woman was pushing another perched on a luggage trolley like kids playing with a new toy.

Stomper Lim shared a video of the Nov 18 incident at Changi Airport.

The video shows the woman in sunglasses smiling and taking a selfie with her phone as she was being wheeled about on the trolley.

"Is that the correct way of using a trolley?" asked the Stomper.

He felt that their "uncivilised behaviour" was a misuse of the luggage trolley.

In November last year, Stomp reported that a man and woman were caught on camera sitting in a supermarket trolley each at the FairPrice Xtra in AMK Hub.

They were having fun being pushed by their friends until supermarket staff was informed.