Grown woman and man sit in FairPrice trolleys while friends push them around

Submitted by Stomper Lee

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Feeling child-like or just being childish?

An adult woman and man were seen sitting in supermarket trolleys at FairPrice Xtra's AMK Hub store on Saturday night (Oct 29), much to the shock of other shoppers.

Stomper Lee said she saw the pair at around 10pm and shared a picture of them seated in one trolley each.

She recounted: "I was shocked to see two adults sitting in the trolleys and having fun on the ride while their friends pushed them.

"Other shoppers were shocked to see them in the trolleys too.

"I did not not dare to take more pictures as the woman noticed that I had taken a photo of her. You can see her trying to cover her face.

"The two of them got out from the trolleys after I informed FairPrice staff. It's such shameful behaviour for adults."