GrabFood deliveryman 'speechless' after kind customer orders meal for him and colleagues

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While the Covid-19 outbreak has not been easy on anyone, little acts of kindness here and there have helped to brighten the days of those who are struggling.

Stomper Derrick, who is currently working as a GrabFood deliveryman, was left shocked and speechless by a customer's heartwarming gesture on Friday (Apr 24).

He said: "I'm a Grab car driver who is doing GrabFood delivery for the time being.

"During this situation, I believe everyone is not having a good time. Most of us are struggling to put food on the table, but there is always a kind person out there making someone's day.

"I received an order from Crave at White Sands shopping mall from a lady known as Ms CYN at around 6.30pm on Friday.

"It was a normal order to me, and as I was in the midst of fetching and delivering the previous order, I did not really take a good look at the message that she had sent.

"When I finished my pervious order, I was shocked when I saw the message telling me that the food was actually ordered just for me and my fellow colleagues.

"At the same time, the customer called me to check whether had I received the message.

"When we were on the phone, I asked her what on earth I had done to deserve this reward from her. She told me to just take the food for me and my fellow colleagues before hanging up."

Screenshots that Derrick shared show how the customer had ordered five sets of nasi lemak with iced calamansi for Derrick and his fellow riders.

The customer also sent a message to Derrick, asking him not to send her the order and to distribute it as a 'thank you meal' to delivery staff instead.

When Derrick thanked the customer, she said it was "really nothing" and "just a little appreciation" for the food delivery staff.

Derrick told Stomp: "To the lady Ms CYN, I would just like to say a very big thank you. I don't who you are and neither I know you, but I just want to say you warmed everyone's heart. You are the kindest soul that I've ever met.

"Once again, really a big thank you for the spontaneous food that you had given to me and my fellow colleagues. We will never forget this day: 24/04/2020.

"Although it's tough times for all of us now, be it essential or non-essential working adult, I do believe that we all will pull through it as one nation."

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