Grab driver bleeding after alleged attack by woman passenger: 'My hand had a burning sensation'

Submitted by Stomper Sirajuddin

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A Grab driver was allegedly assaulted by a passenger after an apparent breakdown in communication due to a language barrier.

Stomper Sirajuddin said he picked up the woman in her 40s in Ang Mo Kio to take her to Toa Payoh Central on March 8.

"On reaching Toa Payoh Central, the lady spoke in Chinese, which I could not understand a word but assumed she said I took a longer way and she might be late," recounted the Stomper.

"Suddenly, she start hitting my shoulder, which was not painful, but it made me stop the car. I asked her what was the matter, but she kept mumbling in Chinese.

"Since I was only a few hundred metres away, I drove her to her destination point and opened the sliding door. She kept on shouting and and hitting me one last time before running out the door.

"I was relieved that she left, but later, realised my hand had a burning sensation and just realised it was bleeding with bruises in my arms.

"I immediately went to a police station and made a report to Grab too."

He also posted about the incident in a Facebook group called "Professional PHV Drivers Singapore: Grab, Gojek, Tada N Ryde", where he wrote: "I kept talking in English and she in Chinese, chicken-and-duck story."

He added that the blood on his arm was probably caused by the woman's finger nails and he was going to see a doctor.

"First time got physical abuse," said the Stomper, who shared a photo showing scratches near his left elbow.

In response to a Stomp query, the police confirmed that a report was lodged.

Stomp has contacted Grab for more info.