Grab rider defecates in corridor of Bedok block, doesn't wipe and leaves poop behind

Submitted by Stomper P

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Has he done this before?

A Grab rider was caught on camera defecating in an HDB corridor of a Lengkong Tiga block in Bedok on Saturday (July 29).

Stomper P shared the footage from his CCTV taken at 11.54am.

The video shows the man coming down the stairs and looking around before pulling down his pants. He then bent forward and defecated on the floor, after which he pulled up his pants without wiping.

When he walked away, it can be seen he was wearing a green long-sleeve Grab shirt as he turned back for a moment and looked into the camera.

"He probably had seen that my CCTV was recording as he was peeking at the camera near the end of the footage," said the Stomper.

He told Stomp a neighbour saw the poop on the floor and about 15 minutes later, a cleaner came to clear the mess left behind by the Grab rider.

"I felt disgusted with his behaviour and hope that he will not do such things in public again," said the Stomper.

Stomp has contacted Grab for more info.