Grab passenger gets charged cancellation fee after driver increases waiting time from 3 to 20 min

Submitted by Stomper Elijah

This story was submitted via Stomp App contribution.

Stomper Elijah was frustrated when he was charged a cancellation fee after being forced to cancel a ride when his driver increased the waiting time from three minutes to 20 minutes.

He told Stomp that he had booked a JustGrab ride on Dec 30, 2017, at 10.23pm when the screen told him that his driver was three minutes away.

However, he was shocked when he received a text soon after from the driver telling him that he would arrive in 20 minutes.

"He refused to cancel and told me that if I was in a hurry, I should be the one to cancel the trip," said Elijah.

He told the driver that a 20-minute waiting time was "absurd" and said that he should not have accepted the ride in the first place.

"The driver later said that he had 'no choice' to take the ride and was forced to by Grab but I didn't manage to screenshot that part," added the Stomper.

Elijah then cancelled the ride but when he tried to contact Grab for a refund of the cancellation fee, things got worse.

"I was told that cancellation fees are strictly non-refundable," he said.

Stomp has contacted Grab for comment.