Cabby at Changi Airport allegedly rejects passenger going to Tampines, says he 'wants' downtown

Submitted by Stomper Angelina

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When you have just landed at Changi Airport in the wee hours of the night, all you want is a quick and smooth ride home.

Unfortunately for Stomper Angelina, who was at Terminal 1 at 1.30am on Monday (Dec 18), she encountered a taxi driver whom she said was "in the taxi queue and selecting customers".

Angelina told Stomp: "As I approached the vehicle, he rested his entire body on the trunk and asked for my destination.

"When I said I was going to Tampines, he immediately declined to take me and said he wanted to go downtown.

"I promptly approached the airport's taxi coordinator and she chased the cabby out of the queue. However, he simply joined the next line.

"Is this what our service has become? Are drivers allowed to choose customers at the airport? Should we just blacklist everyone staying in the east?

"I'm very disappointed with this experience, especially after observing how nice drivers are overseas. I spent three days in Hong Kong and everyone there is nothing but polite and nice, regardless of the distance.

"This is what our service has become. What a shame."

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