Grab driver forced to swerve to avoid crashing into huge concrete chunk lying on PIE

Submitted by Stomper Timothy

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Stomper Timothy almost crashed into a huge concrete chunk lying on the road on Pan-Island Expressway (PIE) at 01.19am last Thursday.

The Stomper, a Grab driver, was ferrying a passenger when the incident occurred.

He said he was travelling on the first lane at about 90km/h, and that it was raining that day.

Timothy had to swerve left suddenly after spotting the chunk of concrete on the road.

However, he was forced to swerve right again as the initial swerve had put him on a collision course with a lorry driver who had slowed down to look at the concrete chunk.

Thankfully, the first lane had no cars in front of the concrete chunk, so the Stomper managed to avoid colliding with it or other vehicles.

"Both me and my passenger were quite shocked, and my hands were trembling after this," said Timothy.

"The drivers behind me started switching on their hazard lights to warn others about the hazard on the road."