Grab driver delivers bouquet to passenger on 21st birthday after she fails to find flowers for party on V-Day

Submitted by Stomper Zav

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A Grab driver touched the hearts of a family on Valentine's Day (Feb 14) by going above and beyond to make the day special for his 21-year-old passenger.

Stomper Zav shared with Stomp that his cousin Nurul's 21st birthday was on Valentine's Day and she had booked a Grab ride to find flowers for her party.

"She booked a Grab driven by a gentleman, Mr Yap," he said.

"When he learnt that she couldn't find any flowers for her party, he drove her free of charge to two destinations and waited for her to find flowers.

"However, she was unable to find any and he sent her home.

"A short while later, he returned with a bouquet of roses for her!

"He mentioned that he has a daughter as well and didn't want my cousin to be disappointed on her 21st birthday."

Zav added that his family offered to compensate Mr Yap but he refused.

"This man is truly a hero and a blessing and made our celebrations all the more special," he said.

"Thank you Mr Yap, you are an amazing person."