Grab and go: Delivery man helps himself to Geylang resident's dinner from McDonald's

Submitted by Stomper Joey

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A delivery man was caught on camera making off with a Geylang resident's dinner just one minute after it was dropped off outside the latter's flat.

Stomper Joey shared CCTV footage of the man taking his food from outside his Circuit Road home on Jan 26, at around 4.56pm.

He said: "Delivery man takes dinner delivered by another delivery man: one minute after my meal was dropped off, it went missing.

"When I checked my doorbell camera, I found this person sneakily taking my dinner."

In the video, the man - who is holding several packages - can be seen looking at Joey's food more than once and checking his surroundings.

He then grabs the whole bag of food before leaving the same way he came.

Joey told Stomp: "The delivery man appeared to be delivering items (unsure of which company) to my other neighbours, but spotted my McDonald's delivery left outside my house on my bench.

"I had pre-ordered the meal in anticipation of a Zoom meeting that would occur shortly, so this was frustrating.

"McDonald's was kind enough to replace my meal promptly."

Joey said he has also made a police report.

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