Man in hat uses trolley to steal 2 potted plants outside Bukit Timah shophouse at 2.30am

Submitted by Stomper Yeo

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A man was caught on camera stealing two potted plants outside a Bukit Timah shophouse at 2.30am on Oct 20.

Stomper Yeo shared CCTV footage of the theft at 885 Bukit Timah Road.

"This guy came to my shop and went off with two flower pots," said the Stomper who works at the Forture Seafood Steam Boat restaurant.

"One of the pots is an antique with two dragons on it."

The video shows a man in a light-coloured long-sleeve buttoned-down shirt and dark pants pushing a platform trolley in the empty carpark just outside the restaurant.

His face was hidden by the wide brim of the hat he was wearing.

The man stopped beside some potted plants, moved two of them to the trolley and covered his loot with a white sheet.

He was done in less than three minutes and left.

The Stomper said: "No police report was made as the CCTV never captured his face."