Good Samaritans aid woman lying on ground at Tampines bus stop, wait for ambulance with her

Submitted by Stomper Audrey

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Three people went to aid a woman lying on the ground at a Tampines bus stop before she was taken to the hospital on Friday morning (July 28).

Stomper Audrey was heartened to see strangers showing concern for a fellow human being.

"I would like to submit a photo of good Samaritans in Singapore to brighten everyone's day," said the Stomper.

"When I was crossing the road towards the bus stop, I noticed that a woman in tudung was lying on the ground and three people were attending to her.

"I believe they were passers-by or commuters waiting for their buses – a nurse in a Singhealth uniform; a young man in spectacles wearing black clothes could be a medic as he was pressing and checking on her pulse; and the man looking at my camera phone and fanning the woman who lost her consciousness.

"They were waiting together for the ambulance."

The Stomper said she took only one photo as she did not want to "disturb" them.

"I boarded bus service 46 at 8.16am before the ambulance arrived," she told Stomp.

In response to a Stomp query, the Singapore Civil Defence Force said it received a call for assistance at Tampines Avenue 6 at 8.05am.

The woman was taken to Changi General Hospital.