Passers-by rush to help woman who collapsed on road -- and shopkeeper even tosses bottled water over

Submitted by Stomper S

Passers-by were quick to band together and rush to the aid of a woman who collapsed on a road in Little India.

Stomper S shared dashcam footage of the incident that occurred along Serangoon Road on June 14, at around 10.10pm.

She recounted: "I saw an act of kindness at Belilios Road, right before the Indian temple.

"An elderly lady collapsed in the bus lane. I'm not sure if she fell or blacked out. She was struggling to sit up but failed.

"A few people ran over to help her. One of them was a very tall guy from a shop on the right. He asked his colleague to toss a bottle of water over for the old lady. The action of tossing the bottle over my windscreen from right to left was so cool, and he grabbed it with confidence.

"Unfortunately, bus service 65 was approaching and kept honking at the group (my video has no sound due to technical issues) but the old lady had only just recovered herself and was struggling to walk.

"People in the group showed a hand gesture of 'hold/wait', before the bus turned out of the lane."