Go-Jek driver accepts booking -- only to drive past passenger and ignore messages

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A Stomper was frustrated after a Go-Jek driver accepted his booking, but drove past him and ignored his messages.

On Jan 13 at about 8.20pm, the Stomper booked a Go-Jek car from his location in Woodlands Crescent to Sungei Gendong Camp.

A driver accepted the booking request and according to the Stomper, who was referring to the live location on the Go-Jek app, the driver seemed to be on the way.

At about 8.32pm, the driver was a minute away from the Stomper's location.

The Stomper said he was waiting at the foot of a block and recognised the Go-Jek car's license plate.

However, the car did not stop and drove past him in the opposite direction.

The Stomper then tried texting the driver via the Go-Jek app, but he did not reply.

At 8.44pm, according to the driver's live location on the map, he was a minute away from the Stomper.

The Stomper urged the Go-Jek driver to cancel the booking via text.

A few minutes later, without responding to the Stomper, the booking was cancelled by the driver.

The Stomper was frustrated and tried calling the Customer Service hotline number provided on Go-Jek's website. 

He said he stayed on the line to speak to someone for a long time, but no one took his call.

He said: "I was frustrated and tried booking another Go-Jek.

"Bad luck struck me though, as the driver that accepted the booking was the same one as before."

The Stomper wasted no time cancelling this booking on his own.

He told Stomp: "When I saw that it was the same driver, I straightaway cancelled the booking.

"I was so angry and frustrated at him already. I did not want to see his face."

The Stomper got another Go-Jek driver in the end and arrived at camp on time.

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