GetGo user smokes while driving along CTE even though it's not allowed

Submitted by Stomper Schmike

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Local car-sharing outfit GetGo is popular with users who want the convenience of driving a car short-term without having to commit to owning one.

However, because users are sharing cars with others, it is only fair that they follow the rules.

Stomper Schmike shared with Stomp a video of a GetGo user smoking while driving along the Central Expressway (CTE) towards the city on Wednesday (July 5) at about 10.41am.

He took the video near the Balestier Road exit.

"I'm not sure if GetGo allows their rental customers to smoke in the car but this fellow simply threw his cigarette butt onto the road," said the Stomper.

According to GetGo, smoking is not allowed in any of their cars, even if users roll down the windows.

An article on the company's website says: "Smoke or other strong scents can impact the health of other users, so let's all be considerate towards each other."

First-time offenders will be required to pay a $300 clean-up fee and second-time offenders will be required to pay a $500 clean-up fee and may have their GetGo account suspended.

Under the Environmental Public Health Act, any individual who commits a littering offence is liable on conviction to a court fine of up to $2,000 for a first conviction, $4,000 for a second conviction and $10,000 for the third and subsequent convictions.