Thumbs up to motorists who stopped to help biker after he fell while trying to avoid collision along ECP

When a motorcyclist skidded and fell while trying to avoid a collision with a Porsche that had abruptly changed lanes on Friday afternoon (Feb 24), the motorists around him hurried to his aid.

A video posted on Beh Chia Lor, credited to Denis, shows the slow-moving traffic along East Coast Parkway towards Changi Airport. Denis’ vehicle is moving slowly behind a white Porsche initially, before a covered lorry filters in front of him.

As they are crossing a flyover near Ford Road, three motorcyclists appear in quick succession to the right of Denis’ vehicle.

Just then, the white Porsche changes lanes to the first lane without signalling. The first motorcyclist, upon seeing the Porsche, tries to brake. However, due to the slippery surface of the road, he skids and falls off his bike.

After he falls, the motorcyclists behind him, as well as the lorry in front of Denis’ vehicle, stop and alight from their vehicles to help him.

The lorry driver can be seen gesturing at the motorcyclist to check if he is alright, while the motorcyclists assist in helping him get his bike upright again.

Facebook users pointed out in comments on the video that the Porsche driver had likely not checked his blind spot before changing lanes.

Others added that even though the motorcyclist had seen the Porsche changing lanes and tried to brake, the wet surface of the road caused him to fall.