Not all heroes wear capes: Some wear the ITE business uniform like this guy

A student from ITE College Central has been lauded for helping an elderly woman cross the road.

Twitter user Ridhwan Lee had posted a photo of the incident and said, "Not all heroes wear masks. Some wear [the] ITE business uniform."

According to Lee, the hero here is Ahmad Tufail, who is a student in the Shipping Operations and Services course.

Lee told Stomp:

"As an individual, I believe that there is good in everyone.

"Our education status does not determine us as a person. ITE, Poly or JC, we are all the same. Some may have high IQ but zero EQ. Some may have low IQ but high EQ.

"Moral of the story: Do not judge a book by its cover.

"I believe this person deserves a standing ovation because he does not ask for any credit. This is who he chooses to be when no one is watching."

Well said!