Thoughtful GrabCar driver waives fare for woman rushing sick son to hospital

Submitted by Stomper Angie

This story was submitted via Stomp App contribution.

Stomper Angie was touched by a GrabCar driver's kind gesture when she was rushing her son to the hospital last night (Sep 24).

The thoughtful driver decided to waive the woman's fare when he knew that her son was running a high fever.

She was rushing to KK Women's and Children's Hospital from her home at Tiong Bahru Orchid at about 9.20pm.

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Angie wrote in to Stomp to commend him: 

"A very thoughtful and kind Malay guy as my son was having a high fever and was in a hurry to KK hospital. 

"After safely reaching [the destination], he ignored my payment as he said 'baby is sick and more important'

"Keep it up and thank you."