S'poreans show their 'kampung spirit' after van hits tree along Stadium Drive

Who said Singapore has no more 'kampung spirit'?

When a van skidded and hit a tree along Stadium Drive, people from all walks of life lent the driver a helping hand without a second thought.

In a post on Facebook page Beh Chia Lor - Singapore Road credited to William Lee, William shared how he was driving down Stadium Drive yesterday (Mar 13) at about 8am when he saw a van accidentally go up a kerb and hit a tree.

In the video he shared on the page, the tree can be seen falling onto the van and the road, raising a cloud of dust. Someone in William’s car can be heard asking in a shocked voice if the van had skidded.

William stops his car and alights to check on the driver of the van. Meanwhile, his wife called for an ambulance, according to the Facebook post.

Soon after, another driver can be seen approaching the scene, having parked his car behind William’s so he can go to the van driver’s aid.

A lady in red and a man then approach the scene. The woman begins directing oncoming vehicles away from the accident scene, while the man heads towards the front of the van.

As more passers-by come to the van driver’s aid, others begin tugging at the fallen tree to dislodge it from where it is still lying on top of the van, and succeed in shifting it so that the driver's door can be opened.

Some of them then help the van driver, who is dressed in green, out of the van.

When the ambulance and emergency responders approach, William gets back into the car and drives away.

William wrote in the Facebook post:

“The driver was helped out of the van and he was limping slightly.

“Everyone seems to know what needs to be done to ensure safety and orderliness and a few gentlemen returned some fallen-out items back to the van.

“It was a good thing that cars continue to move as this enabled the unblocked passage for the ambulance.”

Hats off to all the kind passers-by!