Superhero of Bishan uses himself and bike to stop traffic -- for old lady to cross road

Submitted by Stomper Dave

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Stomper Dave was heartened to see how a motorcyclist went the extra mile to help an elderly woman cross the road at Bishan Street 22 on Mar 11.

The incident, which Dave recorded on his front and rear car cameras, occurred at around 3.46pm near The Salvation Army headquarters.

In the video, the biker is seen slowing down in the middle of the road, so that oncoming vehicles behind him in two lanes do the same.

As the old lady crosses the road, he also gradually follows along, positioning himself in such a way so that he acts as a 'shield' and blocks other vehicles.

Only when the woman has safely reached the pavement then does he ride off.

Stomper Dave said:

"When the car (SKK844T) in front of ours slowed down and stopped, we were expecting some minor collision to have happened just down the road.

"Then we noticed the biker on the next lane stopping his bike oddly and sideways across his lane, and waving to something in front of the car.

"Only after that did the lady appear from the blind spot in front of the car, then we realised that he was waving to the lady to cross while positioning his bike to stop traffic for her.

"He could have just zoomed past, like those other vehicles seen earlier, but he stayed, protected and waited until she was across to bus bay before he continued his journey.

"We did not manage to see his plate number but well done, whoever you are."

We certainly can do with more of such selfless souls in Singapore. A huge round of applause for this guy!