Army guy kena Stomped... for sheltering ah ma in wheelchair during heavy rain

A member from the Stomp Team captured some photos of a kind Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) soldier who was sheltering an elderly woman in a wheelchair from the rain at Pasir Laba Camp.

The incident happened today (Mar 11) at around 4.22pm.

Guests were arriving at the Camp for a Graduation Parade, also known as the Passing Out Parade (POP), for a cohort of Basic Military Training (BMT) recruits.

Despite the heavy rain, spirits were not dampened as the soldier steadily pushed the granny's wheelchair while passers-by ran for shelter.

The soldier steadied the umbrella in the woman's hands and made sure she was sheltered from the rain, as he wheeled her along.

Said the Stomp Team member:

“Kudos to the rest of the soldiers and personnel too because many of them are directing traffic and the crowd in the heavy rain without any shelter.

"Good job, soldiers!"