Kudos to Best Denki salesman for proving you can't put a price on good service

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Stomper Harry shared a video his friend had taken of a salesperson at Parkway Parade's Best Denki receiving a stellar testimonial from a satisfied customer.

The customer, Avi Liran, commended the salesperson's sense of humour and excellent service for his partner who was looking to buy a hair straightener.

He said that the salesman knew his products very well and took the mother of his child through each and every product meticulously.

"When I challenged him about the same product being sold online for $30 less, he was not intimidated," said Avi.

"He was sure and confident and said, "What about my service?"

He continued:

"It's not just about the sale but he made a sale experience for the client which is fabulous."

When Avi told him that he did not know if he should pay $30 more just for the experience, the salesman took him to his superior and got his customer a 'small discount'.

"Still we had to pay more than online, but it's worth it," said Avi.

"We as clients enjoyed the transaction, we feel good to pay more and we are grateful to Best Denki for making sure you have great people working for you."

He also commended other Best Denki staff at the store for proactively looking to help others.

"I think that this guy should be recognised for his good service," said Harry.

Click here to watch Avi's video on how making another's day is good for your life too.

Watch the video below.