Cyclist gets injured when his bicycle chain snaps -- and these workers come to the rescue

Cyclist Firdhaus Rasol was riding to work at East Coast Park when his bicycle chain snapped, causing him to go over the bar and land on his face.

Fortunately, he only sustained a few abrasions as he had his helmet on.

However, it shocked Rasol when he learnt that none of the cyclists or passersby stopped to help him. A group of construction workers helped him up instead.

According to his Facebook post on Love Cycling Sg, not only did the workers help him up, they even offered him some murukku, drinks, washed his wounds and fixed his bicycle chain so that he would be able to cycle home.

As Rasol praised the workers for their help, he also mentioned that he was "so thankful for their good deed".

Netizens who came across his post also left some heartwarming comments:

One said:

"Kindness is never based on skincolour, nationality, social status or job."

While another said:

"Kudos to these foreign workers!"