Awesome EMAS personnel help woman change flat tyre and pump spare tyre at petrol kiosk

Two Expressway Monitoring Advisory System (EMAS) personnel have won the hearts of netizens after going above and beyond their call of duty to aid a woman whose car had a flat tyre.

Facebook user Dawn Koh detailed how she had to stop along PIE, near Braddell heading towards Tuas, due to a flat tyre.

She said Thiru and Kumar from EMAS were the first recovery responders to arrive at the scene.

Dawn said the standard procedure for EMAS was to help tow the car to the nearest carpark so that the driver could then arrange for a private service to tow the vehicle to a workshop.

Upon realising that Dawn's workshop was nearby, the two EMAS personnel helped to change her car's flat tyre with the spare in the boot.

This was so that she could drive to the workshop to get help with the car.

The duo then advised Dawn to drive slowly after realising that the spare tyre was smaller than the regular ones her car had.

And, they drove nearby to follow her to the petrol kiosk, which was 20m away, and helped to pump and check the spare tyre before she drove off.

"I'm posting this to share my appreciation for both Thiru and Kumar who went beyond the call of service," said Dawn in her post. 

"Kindness extended to another in distress cannot be measured and qualified by just words. Simple gestures like this define good service.

"I'm really very glad to have met them this afternoon. Thanks LTA. You have a fabulous EMAS team.

"I hope u will be able to relay my appreciation once again to the team.

"Note: I had asked if it was okay for me to take a picture to post on social media. They agreed. So here's a shot of both of them."


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