Kudos to Scoot pilot who found wheelchair for passenger and pushed him after flight from Chennai to Singapore

Submitted by Stomper Haniffa

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Stomper Haniffa was overwhelmed by the kindness shown by a Scoot pilot who went above and beyond by finding him a wheelchair and pushing him after their plane had landed at Changi Airport yesterday (Feb 23).

Haniffa wanted to express his appreciation and commend the outstanding customer service provided by the captain of Scoot Flight TZ501.

He had requested for wheelchair assistance prior to his flight because a few years back he injured his knee in a fall and had difficulty walking.

He said:

"I was travelling from Chennai to Singapore in Scoot Flight TZ501. 

"Since I had difficulty in walking, I had requested for wheelchair assistance. 

"However, when I reached Singapore, the wheelchair service was not available so I couldn’t get off the plane. 

"I waited until all the passengers had alighted from the aircraft, but there was still no sign of the wheelchair. 

"The pilot saw me and asked me what the matter was, so I told him that the wheelchair did not come. 

"Immediately, he went out and took a wheelchair from somewhere and came. 

"He asked me to sit on it and pushed the wheelchair and all the stewardesses walked behind us.
"All the people in the airport were surprised to see the pilot pushing the wheelchair. 

"I was so overwhelmed by the kindness of the pilot. 

"The Pilot has gone beyond his duty and showed a classic example of customer service excellence. 

"Once again, I would like to thank the pilot for going the extra mile and helping me. 

"I believe it was the peak of customer service."