5-year-old Chinese girl singlehandedly cares for her grandma and great-grandma

When Wang Anna was three months old, her father was sentenced to jail, leaving her mother and her to stay with his family.

Shortly after Anna was born, her mother remarried and left the house, leaving Anna behind.

Now, 5-year-old Anna is the sole caregiver for both her grandmother and great-grandmother, reports Daily Mail.

From picking vegetables at a neighbour’s farm, to cooking meals, to doing housework, Anna singlehandedly takes care of all the household needs and tends to her grandmother and great-grandmother.

Both of them have limited mobility and are almost bedridden, but Anna does her best to help them to the toilet and to bring them on short walks near the house, which is on a mountain in southwest China.

According to Daily Mail, Anna told reporters that she wants to take care of her grandmother and great-grandmother every day, and that she wishes them good health.