Nice guy drivers stop to help motorist who skid and fell after heavy rain at Selegie Rd

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A Stomper saw two drivers stop to help a motorcyclist who skid and fell after heavy rain at Selegie Road at 12.25pm on Saturday (Mar 4).

The Stomper said he saw the motorcyclist skid and fall between two vehicles.  

The road had been wet from the heavy rain that had slowed to a drizzle by the time the accident occurred.

The Stomper hoped motorcyclists would exercise extra caution when travelling on wet and slippery roads, where they would be more prone to skidding. 

"I was able to capture the scene when vehicles stopped briefly," said the Stomper.

"And I saw the two car drivers coming out of their vehicles to assist the motorbike rider.

"A serious accident was avoided and looks like none of them were injured."