Gerald Koh, are you missing your parcel? It was wrongly delivered to Woodlands Drive resident

Submitted by Stomper Samm

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Update on Oct 7:

The owner of the parcel has been found.

Samm said: "It apparently belongs to my neighbour's grandson."

Orginal article:

Stomper Samm is looking for the rightful owner of a parcel that was mistakenly delivered to his home on Wednesday (Sep 30).

The Woodlands Drive resident said that his mother had received the parcel, which was addressed to 'Gerald Koh', at the door.

The delivery personnel had apparently insisted that Samm's mother accept the parcel despite her saying that there was no such recipient in her home.

Samm said: "My mum knows I purchase stuff online a lot, but she found it fishy as there is no Gerald Koh in our home.

"She asked the courier to wait for awhile while she called me, but the courier was impatient and saw my child at the door and suggested that the parcel was probably for my child.

"My mum said there was no such person in our home, but the courier came up with a wild suggestion and said maybe this was purchased using another person's name.

"My mum did not sign or pay for the parcel. The courier person hurriedly made my mum take the parcel and left, assuming that someone had indeed made the purchase.

"I have tried to look for info on the return address but the contact number is not in use.

"I think it might be more effective if I try to find the rightful owner through Stomp.

"Please help!"

If you are the owner of the parcel, kindly contact Stomp at or WhatsApp 9384 3761.

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