'Genious' BMW driver parks illegally, blocks off car for handicapped driver

Submitted by Stomper Gary

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A pleasant evening was marred when an inconsiderate BMW driver parked his car so close to Stomper Gary’s brother’s car that he could not get back into the driver's seat. 

The incident happened at Bukit Merah View Food Centre on Jun 25, at around 8pm.

Gary's family had gone over to the food centre for dinner and decided to park at the handicap lot to grant Gary’s brother, who uses a prosthetic leg, ease of access. 

When they returned at around 9pm, they found a black BMW  SCL7977L parked illegally next to them. 

It was parked so close that Gary’s brother could not get into the driver's seat at all. 

Said Gary:

"It wasn't even a parking lot.

“We couldn’t get in at all. 

“It was especially inconvenient for my brother due to his disability.

“What’s worst, there were so many empty lots nearby, but the BMW driver chose to park illegally and inconvenient us.”

The family then called the hotline displayed on the lot, and were told that a parking attendant would assist them shortly.

While waiting for the attendant to arrive, Gary’s brother tried sounding the horn through the car window, but the driver did not show up.

The attendant arrived after 30 minutes, and issued the BMW driver a summons, before driving the vehicle out. 

Gary added:

“Our car was completely blocked.

"This is just plain inconsiderate."