Driver of SFQ7848P parks car on the handicap lot, blocks off ambulance

Submitted by Stomper Mohamed 

A gold car, SFQ7848P, was parked on a handicap lot at Block 325, Woodlands Street 32, on Saturday (Jul 1), at around 2.25pm.

Stomper Mohamed who works for Comfort Ambulance & Services came across the vehicle as he was about to offload a patient.

According to Mohamed, he was forced to offload the patient by the side of the road, and the entire process took about 45 minutes.

He snapped a photo of the vehicle and forwarded it to Stomp.

Said Mohammed:

"By the time we finished and drove off, the car was still there.

“With this kind of driver, it becomes hard for us to do our job.

“Please be more considerate of others.”