And the Parking Goondu award goes to...

Submitted by Stomper Acedot, Jefferson

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Nothing riles up Singaporeans more than a person who doesn't park properly.

Both Stompers Acedot and Jefferson encountered such inconsiderate drivers yesterday (Nov 3).

Acedot saw someone who occupied three parking lots at the multi-storey carpark near his home. 

Instead of parking perpendicular like everyone else, this person parked parallel.

Said the Stomper:

"I walked over to the car, looked in and everything was normal. 

"The hand brake was on and it didn't seem like a stranger disturbed it.

"Someone definitely drove this car into this bizarre parking position.

"When I returned to the carpark later in the morning, the car was still there but with a $50 summons placed at the windscreen."

Jefferson wrote in to Stomp about a driver who parked so closely to the car next to him or her at Peoples Park Complex.

It made it impossible for the driver to enter the car from the driver's side.

Said the Stomper:

"This inconsiderate, selfish, self-centred idiot just walked off ever after noticing that he had parked too closely to the driver beside him.

"If your parking skills suck, make the effort to correct it.

"Don't be a self-centred idiot giving yourself more space to exit from your car and causing inconvenience to others."

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