Geez! Cyclist who had near-accident with car should be off the road

Submitted by Stomper KC

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Stomper KC was driving along Bukit Panjang Ring Road on Monday (June 11) at about 5.47pm when he saw a cyclist come out of nowhere and dash across a crossing, almost getting hit by a car in the process.

KC shared a video of the incident with Stomp showing how the cyclist did not stop before crossing the road.

Even though the light was in the cyclist's favour, it is his responsibility to stop and alight from his bicycle before crossing any road to allow motorists time to be aware of him.

(Story continues after video)

In the video, a car driver turning left abruptly jams on his brakes to avoid the cyclist.

The cyclist merely swerves around the car and continues to whiz down the pavement.

"This is very dangerous," said KC.

"Cyclists like him should not be on the road."

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