Does this man cycling on the PIE have a death wish?

Submitted by Stomper Eddie

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Stomper Eddie was walking on an overhead bridge at the Pan Island Expressway near Geylang Bahru on Saturday (June 9) at about 3pm when he saw something strange on the road below him.

A cyclist was riding on the left-most lane of the expressway towards the Central Expressway.

"This cyclist was endangering himself and other motorists on the expressway," said the Stomper.

According to a The New Paper report, those cycling on expressways may be charged under Section 279 of the Penal Code for driving in a rash manner which endangers human life or causes hurt or injury to any other person.

"Under Section 2 of the Road Traffic Act, a cyclist qualifies as a driver," said Lawyer Raphael Louis.

"So technically, they can be fined up to $5,000."