Not just maggots: Woman finds the stuff of nightmares in bottle of Morrisons Chilli Flakes

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That was no cotton ball.

A woman was horrified by what she found in a bottle of Morrisons Chilli Flakes on Feb 28.

FairPrice said it had removed the product from its shelves as a precautionary measure after a family discovered "worms" in the chilli flakes they poured on their pizzas, reported Stomp on Feb 19.

"I briefly saw the news on this probably a week or two back but had not paid much attention to it," said Stomper R. "I did not realise that I had bought the same brand of chilli flakes."

"I opened the bottle of Morrisons Chilli Flakes that I purchased via the FairPrice app on Jan 6 and to my horror, there were numerous maggots in a huge mass of mould/nest.

"I had initially thought that the bottle included a cotton ball to absorb moisture. So I pulled at it and found out that it was actually a webbing of live maggots.

"I reached out to FairPrice and received their response: 'We sincerely apologise for the inconveniences caused with your Order 122793270. We will refund the amount of the following affected item to you as per our Online Terms and Conditions. You may dispose the damaged items.'


FairPrice told Stomp in the Feb 19 report: "FairPrice takes product quality very seriously and we are conducting an investigation into this matter. As a precautionary measure, we have also removed the product from our shelves.

"In addition, a full refund has been arranged and we are in contact with the customer to follow up. "Customers with queries may also contact FairPrice at our Customer Service Hotline at 6380 5858 or via"