Furniture from online seller had 'many defects', 'not up to standard': Customer

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A customer said that the furniture she bought from online furniture shop Miyamiko had "many defects" and was "not up to standard".

This is the second time a Miyamiko customer has written to Stomp.

Stomp published on July 25 a report about a customer who took 11 weeks to get Miyamiko to repair a crack she found in a bed frame she bought. Stomp contacted the company for comment via e-mail but did not get a response.

Stomp received the second complaint about Miyamiko on July 27.

The Stomper said: "It happened around May last year, but I knew nowhere to post a complaint until I saw that someone else had posted about Miyamiko on Stomp."

She told Stomp she had ordered two custom-made study tables, one book cabinet, one wardrobe and three steel loft beds from Miyamiko for almost $8,000.

She said: "I must say they had provided me very good service throughout the entire process of customization and order…

"To my disappointment, all things started to change when the order was finalised."

She said the shipment was delayed two weeks and when the installers came, all the furniture they were supposed to install had not arrived yet.

"I was shocked to know that they were so unorganised," said the Stomper.

"Never mind, I can treat this as a miscommunication.

"To my horror, what was promised as good quality high-density plywood turned out to have many defects. The table came with dents. The book cabinet's inner board had a big obvious scratch.

"I straight away went and checked on the rest of the pieces that were not assembled yet and saw many similar defects on the wooden pieces."

She shared photos of the defects with Stomp.

The Stomper said: "I informed the seller and they still could tell me to let them know which panel had a defect and they would do an exchange for me. The issue here was not one or two pieces only. The entire shipment came with many different defects! Which meant I needed to wait for another month or more to get the pieces replaced!

"Their furniture was not up to standard although the pictures they placed on their website looked super nice and professional."

After receiving the second complaint about Miyamiko, Stomp contacted the company on Thursday (July 28) via a WhatsApp number listed on its website but has not received a response.

Later that day, Stomp learnt that all products had been removed from the Miyamiko website.

A customer informed Stomp that Miyamiko said on July 30 that it was "updating" its website.