Furious Shopee customer wants $159.65 refund for cleaning products she says have 'horrible defects'

Submitted by Stomper Petite Gal

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She got them at a discount.

A woman bought four boxes of cleaning brushes and sponges on Shopee and was refused a refund after claiming the products had "horrible defects".

Shopee told Stomp the products were not defective.

Stomper Petite Gal shared photos of the items that she paid a total of $159.65 for.

She said after receiving the goods on Oct 6, she discovered they were "not worth a cent with such awful defects".

The Stomper claimed they were obviously not new but old brushes and sponges that were deformed and in very bad-looking condition.

"I decided to reject all of them and requested a refund of $159.65, but the Shopee agent who attended to me with a nonchalant attitude purposely refused to refund my money for the useless items the seller delivered," she said.

"They have disrespected me as a customer. It wasn’t right for the Shopee agent to mistreat me like that and I am still furious about it."

In response to a Stomp query, a Shopee Singapore spokesperson said the e-commerce platform is committed to a safe, reliable and pleasant experience for both sellers and buyers.

"We conducted a thorough investigation into this case and have reached out to the user and informed them that we are unable to accommodate their request in accordance with Shopee's refunds and return policy, as the items were neither defective nor misrepresented," said the spokesperson.

View more photos of the products in the gallery.