From Phua Chu Kang's foe to Airbender: Lim Kay Siu mentors the Avatar in Netflix series based on cartoon

He is probably best known for his role as Frankie Foo, the frenemy of the titular character in the local sitcom Phua Chu Kang Pte Ltd.

Singaporean actor Lim Kay Siu now stars in the Netflix live-action series Avatar: The Last Airbender, which started streaming on Feb 22 and is based on the animated series of the same name.

The show also stars Daniel Dae Kim and Paul Sun-Hyung Lee.

Lim appears early in the first episode as Monk Gyatso, the mentor of the titular character, Aang, played by Gordon Cormier – and got to "bend" some air himself.

His casting in the series was announced in 2021.

Lim shared on social media photos of himself and his wife Neo Swee Lin, the actress who used to play Phua Chu Kang's mother, at the world premiere in Los Angeles on Feb 15.

To promote the series, the 63-year-old actor was also interviewed on a US morning show in LA.

Lim, who is the younger brother of actor and Growing Up star Lim Kay Tong, has acted in many local productions as well as Hollywood films such as Anna And The King in 1999.

He has come a long way since fighting over Rosie with PCK back in the day.