Try not to laugh as you watch these 14 old folks go on a giant see-saw

See-saws are made for kids right?

So maybe these young-at-heart elderly men should not have tried to take this giant see-saw on, especially since a couple of them even needed their walking aids to get up on it.

There is a reason why Christiaan "Otter" Bailey posted this video with the comment "if you laugh you are going to hell. :P "

It all seems good and safe until they decide to start shifting - the see-saw suddenly tilts and they start falling towards one end.

The domino effect is the killer.

You are guaranteed to feel awful but you will not be able to help laughing at these elderly collapsing in a higgledy piggledy heap.

Believe us, we tried to suppress our laughter but it was just too hilarious.

The worst part is when there is this horrific groan near the end.

One Facebook user even spotted someone's dentures fly out when they fell.

Check out this video (equal parts horror and humor) below!