Chiong ah: Hilarious Singlish review of iguana's epic escape

A video posted by the BBC showing an iguana fleeing from snakes has recently gone viral, and this Singaporean man has decided to give the video a local twist.

The short video was posted by SGAG and features a hilarious voiceover in Singlish. The narrator equates the iguana to a tired office worker who just wants to get home.

“This chao keng si ka zhua  is in office waiting for 6pm to pang kang,” the voiceover says as a snake creeps up on the iguana.

"Chao keng" is slacker, "si ka zhua" is lizard and "pang kang" is "finish work". 

As the iguana runs across the plains, the voiceover goes: "“He chiong past the pantry, now he chionging towards the office door, almost make it liao."

The iguana is unfortunately ambushed by snakes, but it escapes.

The voiceover exclaims: "Oh my tian! Oh my tian! Ah zua managed to siam the sai kang!"

"Sai kang" refers to unpleasant, menial tasks, like fixing the printer or making powerpoint slides.

The video, which was posted on Wednesday (Nov 9) now has over a million views.