Thai AirAsia flight delayed after buzzing sex toy mistaken for bomb

A buzzing sex toy was mistaken for a bomb on a Thai AirAsia flight to Bangkok from Chiang Mai International Airport on Wednesday morning (Sep 28).

According to The Star via AsiaOne, the vibrator caused panic among staff when they heard a loud humming as they were loading a green rucksack onto the plane

The baggage handlers immediately  radioed for bomb disposal experts who rushed to the runway.

Thankfully, they discovered that the sound had come from a silver vibrating bullet.

The vibrator's speed dial had accidentally been turned on.

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A baggage handler recounted what happened:

"We noticed the bag was shaking and there was a buzzing noise coming from inside. 

"Obviously we were pretty scared because this could have been a bomb or some other explosive device. 

"But when the experts arrived they opened up the package and it was just a sex toy. 

"The passenger is unaware that their bag caused a security alert. 

"I think they would be deeply embarrassed if they found out."

The flight was delayed by just five minutes.

A Thai AirAsia spokesman said that the airline did not confiscate the item as it did not threaten aviation security.