Malaysian woman instructs maid to cook seafood stocked in house -- and returns to find pet 'Luo Han' fish fried

Stomper C alerted Stomp to a post by Facebook user Pauline Pau,citing how her newly hired maid had cooked her brother’s prized pet ‘Luo Han’ fish when instructed by her employer to fry all the seafood that she had stocked up in her house.

'Luo Han' fish or flowerhorn cichlids are popular pets due to their vivid colours and unique head shape. 

Pauline was in disbelief when she found out about the incident:

“When I saw the Luo Han fish fried and placed on my dinner plate, I was angry but I’m not sure if I should blame my domestic helper because my instructions may have confused her.

“Should I be more upset with myself or her?”