How trashy: Man illegally parks SUV in front of waste center, returns to find vehicle buried in 10 tons of garbage

This man in Zhengzhou, China learnt the smelly way that one should always follow rules.

The owner, surnamed Shang, parked his car illegally in front of a waste center only to find it buried in ten tons of trash when he returned.

NetEase reported that Shang parked his car at the roadside around 8pm on Nov 1 before joining his friends for dinner.

His vehicle had blocked the entryway for trash disposal vehicles to enter so the trucks dumped the garbage around the man's car.

When Shang returned a few hours later, he found his SUV buried in ten tons of garbage and had to pay a forklift operator 1,100 yuan (SGD 225) to dig his car out.

If this will not deter people from parking illegally, we don't know what will.