'Getting robbed at gunpoint is a 'violation' of company policy' claims pizza company -- and forces employee to pay fine

If there was title for the most unlucky person of the month, it would have to go to this guy.

After getting robbed  at gunpoint not once, but twice in the span of weeks, a pizza delivery driver was slapped by a fine issued by his company -- for getting robbed.

Not only that, the man was also hit across the face with a gun during the first robbery and required stitches according to Distractify.

Despite reporting the robbery to the police after the incident occurred on Saturday (Nov 30), the driver from Michigan, USA was still fined by Domino’s, citing a breach of company policy. 

According to, Ronnie Asmar, a spokesman for Domino’s, drivers are required to return to the store to deposit the money that customers hand over so they would not have more than $20 on them at any given time.

Said Ronnie:

“If it was a situation where he did not do his drop, for example, if he went back to the store and left with more than $20 on him at the time, he would be asked to pay for it because it is his responsibility based on the way we hire them. 

“It's their responsibility to make sure they do a drop every time.”

Ronnie also confirmed that drivers are not permitted to carry weapons to protect themselves.

Ronnie clarified:

“We don't want our customers feeling threatened by any weapon of sorts that our drivers could have on them. 

“If an altercation may occur it would put the company in a position of looking poor.”

Netizens have expressed umbrage at the company’s inhumane treatment of its employees, with many threatening to boycott the franchise.

One customer wrote:

"That is so unfair!! 

“If the police were called & a report was filed, 

“I'm sure they can write it off as theft...why punish a driver who stuck around despite going through something so horrible?"

Another user commented:

"If this is the way Domino's treats their delivery drivers, then they can kiss my business goodbye," wrote another. 

"What a rotten way do business. 

“I wonder what would have happen if the driver was shot pay your own medical bills.”

Absurd or just company policy? You decide.